Sunday, 27 July 2014

Happy new moon and the mission goes on

First, have a nice dark moon everyone! ^^ I did a little ritual of purification and to move from certain people and from that what has happened. And also, been cleaning up my room (haha). But it's actually refreshing. really refreshing.

My crown chakra has been bubbling again a bit... Just recording this. I guess time will tell what that indicates.

I've been thinking of doing a post about my stones, not sure if I've already done though...

The boy's brother (living in Africa) advised that he'd get baptized into Islam which I think too, is the best solution now since Islam is the mature religion where the beast is also coming from. If I remember right, his parents aren't religious and thus he was never baptized. He liked to go to church though, but lately couldn't do so because for some reason when hearing the church bells and entering the church it began hard to breathe for him. He was wondering is the demon had posessed him but don't think so (because the demon acts outside him). At least not completely... But they seem to share some kind of link. Long story short, he'd get the baptizing. We were wondering if it was possible to actually trap a demon, close it somewhere to keep it at bay but I couldn't find any instructions or information about that...
Though it seems to be the most common belief that the best way to get rid of an evil entity is controlling you mind: Do not feed it by fearing it. Do not feed it with any negative emotion, instead, switch into positive mood. Think of the most happiest and loving times you've had and stick to them.

It might sound easier than it actually is but what do you got to loose..?

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