Monday, 30 November 2015

Jar Magick Binding Spell

We all know every once in a while there comes time in our life that we just have to do something a bit "darker" in terms of magick and once you discover your potential you may also find cursing someone who hurt you very tempting. However this topic IS NOT about cursing. And personally I believe there's also a more constructive way of doing things (for example, seeking justice).

So there had been a person in my life by whom I was very hurt and could not get over that. I knew I'd have to face this person sooner or later so I made a binding spell because the situation was really that bad.

Since then, interesting things showed up about this person and while it all was shocking, I was also liberated. It has been quite a messy week because of that, but it was worth it.

The spell went as follows:

I drew a picture of the person to be a representative (you know how it goes with poppet magick).
And after creating the circle and the usual stuff, began rolling the paper into a form of a tube. I then used a black cord to bind the roll/tube/whateveryoumaycallit and put the whole thing into a jar. I took the jar in my hands and chanted some time and when I felt it was enough I gave the jar three pattings on the top (as if "good doggy"). I then placed the jar in the closed, underneath the shoe holder. I needed it to be placed in the most "down" place in my house, other than under the bed because I don't want that thing near me! So instead it's trapped in my closed, down there, in it's little prison.

So this could be used, if you want to end somebody's terror and power over you. Hope it's helpful. :)
And of course you may modify it to make it your own. Or use it as it is.

That's that for now,

Blessed be!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Candy And Apple Spell And What Happened

So, around last full moon I did this Candy And Apple spell (described below). The results look promising so far. :) I have met someone online who seems interesting, we have a lot in common and probably are going to meet soon. Also another acquaintance of mine seems interesting... So we'll see what they bring. I've had some of my friends come to me saying they have a crush on me (I had bumped into a former coworker), but I had to tell him no. Not to mention random friend requests from people I don't know but share some friends with...

So that's that this time. Blessed be folks!

Candy And Apple Spell For Romantic Interests

You need:

An Apple
Candies, small enough to be tucked inside the apple
A knife

First, take the core of the apple away, but don't cut it all through. The purpose is to fill the apple later. Also save the "hat" so that you can put it back once the apple is filled. The apple will be buried to carry out the spell.

Create the circle and call in the elements and your Gods as usual.

Chant the apple with your intention. When you're done, fill it with your chosen candy, also chanting. Once the apple is full, you may ask the blessings of the Gods and the elements as/if you wish (I also chanted the whole thing once more). You may say something like "As this apple diminishes to the ground, so will love find it's way to me" etc. Then bury the apple.

Close as usual.

Fool's Gold Is Definately Not For Fools! About some stones I have

I picked up a Fool's Gold today when walking home. I have no idea what are the magical characteristics of the stone (if anyone has ever used it...) but for me I felt it's sucking the negativity and frustration and brings calmness. It seems to be the type of stone that draws energy to it rather than give it itself. Grounding. Should get more of those... Maybe I could use  them in a circle.

I also bought a rose quartz. After holding it I felt so light. And calm. The burn in my chest is gone and I am actually able to sit still without moving my feet (I used to do that, even without noticing). It was as if I had lot's of energy at the bottom of my body and now it's released upwards. Those people who seemed draining my energy don't affect me anymore that much (for example my roommate is sometimes quite energetically draining), I feel more energized and vital. I guess it's due to it's healing factor to the heart, and I've had my heart hurt a lot which has in turn taken my life force.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

I've seen a lot of spiders lately. First a spider crawled on me at the police station where I went to get my new passport few weeks ago. I kindly put the spider away, but within a while it was on my hand again. Last Thursday I was sitting in a buss and a weird looking, partly blue striped spider crawled on my hand. And yesterday there was a spider on my ceiling and I had to get it of. I transported it downstairs where it eagerly crawled inside those bumps on a heater.

Also I've been working on a Candy And Apple Spell, guess what it is for... ;) Looking promising so far, but I get back to it later.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Samhain Candle Wax Divination Idea

Have a merry Samhain people! :) I have come across a nice Samhain divination technique that I'd like share with you. You only need a candle, a key and a bowl of cool water. Light the candle and let the wax melt some time. Then take your key. Hold it above the bowl of water and pour the candle wax through the key hole into the bowl. As the wax cools down it forms figures. Meaning of the figures are as follows:

Ring or circle: marriage/partnerships

A star or comet: unexpected news

Flower or a four leaved clover: happiness and good luck

Blade or knife: arguments and unhappiness

Of course there might also be figures which are not on the list and you just have to figure them out on your own. This's from the book "The Real Halloween, Ritual and magick for the new millenium" by Sheena Morgan.

Hope you like it and Blessed be!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

I'm on a journey

So yesterday I went to the library to get a book by Kate West and I also found myself drawn to another book called "Magick of Shadows" (fin. "Varjojen taika", Kaija Juurikkala) and before I knew it was reading it from the half way and couldn't help myself but start shaking and almost crying because of the powerful emotions it brought up in me. The book is about a past life experience of the author. It takes place in old Japan, where she was sexually molested by her calligraphy teacher mister Tsu and thus, brought to death by her family as a form of purification. The whole story struck me on a very deep level, so deep that I have never felt before but at the same time it was very purifying. I saw finally clearly this person who had hurt me. I had seen something in this person that was so ugly and sickening that I could not understand on a mundane level. I didn't understand where it came from but now I know that my soul remembers. I'm not saying I was a victim of mister Tsu, but rather something similar might have happened to me in Asia in a past life with this person I know now. And I was guided to find this book in order to bring it up and release it. I do not have grudge against this person, Rather, I'm relieved. Because of the clearness I have now. I finally remember. It also makes sense that Hecate came to me, since we are dealing with very deep stuff here, something only she might help me with.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

So.. this is what has happened lately...

Hecate has gotten her own little altar. How did this happen? Well, all I know it just did. Gradually, it did. I'm very intuitive and always follow my inner guidance and this is what I felt like doing now. She chose me, so to say. ;) I do not know why, but I guess I'll find it out sooner or later. What I know now is that I've never felt this strong ever in my life. And I considered myself a strong person, after all. But never ever have I felt like this. Now I do understand people who have had  any type of a religious awakening... Feeling of such an empowerment that there's somebody for you, looking after you, there for you. And the fact that this happened so randomly, I have not been much of a deity person, not that there's anything wrong with it I just never felt it'd be for me ya know. I have always preferred to work on my own.. But oh well, she chose me and that's how we roll now. :)

For those thinking of finding a deity; Be alert for your inner guidance, signs and the like. How it will happen with each person is unique. Are you drawn to some specific animal? Start from there. Do you feel fascinated by some culture? Read from it. Even simple things like music or colors can give you a hint. Are you suddenly drawn to something? (That is how it usually starts with me...) Follow your inner self and you'll get there, eventually. :)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Rabbit art

Inspired by the beautiful illustrations I posted earlier, I drew this rabbit. It's hanging on the wall, above my bed now. I feel it's calming me down. :)

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Witchy graphics and animals

Bought myself a coloring book with beautifully illustrated pictures of animals. I completely fell in love with them! I took some of them out and put them on my wall, above my altar and by the window. As you all know, I'm a bit shamanistic. I resonate a lot with animals and have had many power animals with me during my life, even insects. When I was little I used to draw a lot and that's when my shamanistic side showed the most. My folks thought it was interesting and they've kept my drawings. At the age of four or so, I drew lots of birds. Just birds flying, all papers full. Sometimes I included myself flying with them. I also drew some foxes and when I entered preschool I drew wolves. But enough with the chat now, here's the ones I chose:

It all comes down to cats, eventually. Cat has been my power animal, more or less, quite some time now. Or maybe, there's something so inherently kittenish in me so that I just resonate with them.

This buddy is hanging above my altar.

These little folks found their place beside my window. Feeling so calm and secured when
I look at them.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Witchy stuff

Just bought a new box for all my witchy stuff and a new card deck too. ^^ Isn't it beautiful? Gotta love the cards too.

When I started working with cards I remember my first cards were playing cards. I feel like I somehow resonate more with the playing cards, after all, even though I've done some Tarot too. It's just been too long and I don't remember the meanings anymore, so gotta start reading about the playing cards again. :)

Friday, 25 September 2015

Mint Obsession!!

I've been obsessed with mint this week and bought a fresh bag of tried Mint for me. ^^ So, I've been watching this channel on Youtube called Ladygravedancer (also check the previous post) and had this idea of doing an oil - surprise - of my-oh-so-beloved-mint. I'm thinking of also doing a tincture, of pure mint of course. Oh, the thought of it already makes my guts go nuts (just made that up)!

So basically it all went as follows: I put the mint in a bottle. I also put some raw white sugar with it ('cause I felt like it). I warmed up sunflower oil in a mug, over a steaming water and poured it into the bottle with the mint and the sugar. Shook it up a bit and... Here we go:

(Sorry 'bout the crappy pictures, the bottle was umbelivably hard to shoot...)

But basically what I feel like this does to me is invigorate. I feel very fresh with this oil, also more happy and energetic. I feel like it also enhances my spirit, in a way like, bringing it back to it's own place. Kinda hard to explain, but that is how I feel. :) Looking forward to do the tincture...

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Some herbal information: Cinnamon, every witch's dream herb?

Note to self, get cinnamon sticks. ;)

A great video about cinnamon and it's both medical and magical properties. :)

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Some herbs I bought...

I bought some Chili and Chive seeds in order to grow them. :) Those are the ones I resonated most with. especially Chili, since I'm mostly quite sensitive I feel like this plant makes me stronger and balanced. I like herbs more than flowers, since they can easily be added to foods or drinks in spell work.

Chili's magical properties are quite obvious even if you knew nothing about them. Strong and fierce, it's associated with vitality, love and sex as well as hex breaking and protection.

Chive on the other hand was not so familiar to me magically, though I had eaten it before... But according to many sources, Chives were used for protection in middle ages and the ancient Chinese people had used them for... Many many years before Europeans. :)

So, that's that this time. :) Have an amazing summer you folks!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pendulum Divination Technique (that works for everyone!)

I can't recall the time, but I remember reading about using your own body as a pendulum. I tried this today and I have to say it does work! But before I tell you about my divination, let me just explain this to you: it's very simple and easy.

You'd better meditate before this and calm your mind. Then stand up and make sure your stand is firm and that you stand in the middle without leaning back nor forward.

Then, you can close your eyes if you want to (I found it easier at first). Center your mind and ask a question. After the question you should feel the tendency to - and in fact, your body starting to lean either back of forth. if you body leans forward the answer is YES, if you body leans backward the answer is NO. Simple, right? Si, senor!

This is great technique if you feel like a regular pendulum doesn't work for you, or if you worry that you move your hand accidentally.

I asked if there's a soulmate for me out there and felt my body pulling strongly forward. Then I asked if this particular interest of mine would be the right person, I felt my body pulling itself back. So apparently there's someone much more suitable for me out there. :) But how are we going to find each other is yet another story...


Lately the goddess Hecate has been popping up into my mind regularly... I'm feel drawn to her so I guess there's something She wants to teach me.

Briefly, Hecate is a Greek goddess of magick (both good and bad), healing, death, reincarnation and wisdom. In Wicca she'd be described as the crone aspect of the triple goddess. She was believed to be the guardian of the three-way crossroads and according to belief, would grand you wish if you left an offering of food there.

The song Hecate from a Greek band Daemonia Nymphe has been constantly playing in my head. I also have a friend whose patron goddess is Hecate and I keep on getting flashback of the time she told me that, back when we met. I've also had a fascination for owls lately... So I guess this's all just Hecate's way of saying "Pay attention to me!". :)