Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pendulum Divination Technique (that works for everyone!)

I can't recall the time, but I remember reading about using your own body as a pendulum. I tried this today and I have to say it does work! But before I tell you about my divination, let me just explain this to you: it's very simple and easy.

You'd better meditate before this and calm your mind. Then stand up and make sure your stand is firm and that you stand in the middle without leaning back nor forward.

Then, you can close your eyes if you want to (I found it easier at first). Center your mind and ask a question. After the question you should feel the tendency to - and in fact, your body starting to lean either back of forth. if you body leans forward the answer is YES, if you body leans backward the answer is NO. Simple, right? Si, senor!

This is great technique if you feel like a regular pendulum doesn't work for you, or if you worry that you move your hand accidentally.

I asked if there's a soulmate for me out there and felt my body pulling strongly forward. Then I asked if this particular interest of mine would be the right person, I felt my body pulling itself back. So apparently there's someone much more suitable for me out there. :) But how are we going to find each other is yet another story...


Lately the goddess Hecate has been popping up into my mind regularly... I'm feel drawn to her so I guess there's something She wants to teach me.

Briefly, Hecate is a Greek goddess of magick (both good and bad), healing, death, reincarnation and wisdom. In Wicca she'd be described as the crone aspect of the triple goddess. She was believed to be the guardian of the three-way crossroads and according to belief, would grand you wish if you left an offering of food there.

The song Hecate from a Greek band Daemonia Nymphe has been constantly playing in my head. I also have a friend whose patron goddess is Hecate and I keep on getting flashback of the time she told me that, back when we met. I've also had a fascination for owls lately... So I guess this's all just Hecate's way of saying "Pay attention to me!". :)