Saturday, 11 July 2015

Some herbs I bought...

I bought some Chili and Chive seeds in order to grow them. :) Those are the ones I resonated most with. especially Chili, since I'm mostly quite sensitive I feel like this plant makes me stronger and balanced. I like herbs more than flowers, since they can easily be added to foods or drinks in spell work.

Chili's magical properties are quite obvious even if you knew nothing about them. Strong and fierce, it's associated with vitality, love and sex as well as hex breaking and protection.

Chive on the other hand was not so familiar to me magically, though I had eaten it before... But according to many sources, Chives were used for protection in middle ages and the ancient Chinese people had used them for... Many many years before Europeans. :)

So, that's that this time. :) Have an amazing summer you folks!

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