Friday, 25 September 2015

Mint Obsession!!

I've been obsessed with mint this week and bought a fresh bag of tried Mint for me. ^^ So, I've been watching this channel on Youtube called Ladygravedancer (also check the previous post) and had this idea of doing an oil - surprise - of my-oh-so-beloved-mint. I'm thinking of also doing a tincture, of pure mint of course. Oh, the thought of it already makes my guts go nuts (just made that up)!

So basically it all went as follows: I put the mint in a bottle. I also put some raw white sugar with it ('cause I felt like it). I warmed up sunflower oil in a mug, over a steaming water and poured it into the bottle with the mint and the sugar. Shook it up a bit and... Here we go:

(Sorry 'bout the crappy pictures, the bottle was umbelivably hard to shoot...)

But basically what I feel like this does to me is invigorate. I feel very fresh with this oil, also more happy and energetic. I feel like it also enhances my spirit, in a way like, bringing it back to it's own place. Kinda hard to explain, but that is how I feel. :) Looking forward to do the tincture...

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