Thursday, 15 October 2015

I'm on a journey

So yesterday I went to the library to get a book by Kate West and I also found myself drawn to another book called "Magick of Shadows" (fin. "Varjojen taika", Kaija Juurikkala) and before I knew it was reading it from the half way and couldn't help myself but start shaking and almost crying because of the powerful emotions it brought up in me. The book is about a past life experience of the author. It takes place in old Japan, where she was sexually molested by her calligraphy teacher mister Tsu and thus, brought to death by her family as a form of purification. The whole story struck me on a very deep level, so deep that I have never felt before but at the same time it was very purifying. I saw finally clearly this person who had hurt me. I had seen something in this person that was so ugly and sickening that I could not understand on a mundane level. I didn't understand where it came from but now I know that my soul remembers. I'm not saying I was a victim of mister Tsu, but rather something similar might have happened to me in Asia in a past life with this person I know now. And I was guided to find this book in order to bring it up and release it. I do not have grudge against this person, Rather, I'm relieved. Because of the clearness I have now. I finally remember. It also makes sense that Hecate came to me, since we are dealing with very deep stuff here, something only she might help me with.

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