Saturday, 10 October 2015

So.. this is what has happened lately...

Hecate has gotten her own little altar. How did this happen? Well, all I know it just did. Gradually, it did. I'm very intuitive and always follow my inner guidance and this is what I felt like doing now. She chose me, so to say. ;) I do not know why, but I guess I'll find it out sooner or later. What I know now is that I've never felt this strong ever in my life. And I considered myself a strong person, after all. But never ever have I felt like this. Now I do understand people who have had  any type of a religious awakening... Feeling of such an empowerment that there's somebody for you, looking after you, there for you. And the fact that this happened so randomly, I have not been much of a deity person, not that there's anything wrong with it I just never felt it'd be for me ya know. I have always preferred to work on my own.. But oh well, she chose me and that's how we roll now. :)

For those thinking of finding a deity; Be alert for your inner guidance, signs and the like. How it will happen with each person is unique. Are you drawn to some specific animal? Start from there. Do you feel fascinated by some culture? Read from it. Even simple things like music or colors can give you a hint. Are you suddenly drawn to something? (That is how it usually starts with me...) Follow your inner self and you'll get there, eventually. :)

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