Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Candy And Apple Spell For Romantic Interests

You need:

An Apple
Candies, small enough to be tucked inside the apple
A knife

First, take the core of the apple away, but don't cut it all through. The purpose is to fill the apple later. Also save the "hat" so that you can put it back once the apple is filled. The apple will be buried to carry out the spell.

Create the circle and call in the elements and your Gods as usual.

Chant the apple with your intention. When you're done, fill it with your chosen candy, also chanting. Once the apple is full, you may ask the blessings of the Gods and the elements as/if you wish (I also chanted the whole thing once more). You may say something like "As this apple diminishes to the ground, so will love find it's way to me" etc. Then bury the apple.

Close as usual.

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