Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Fool's Gold Is Definately Not For Fools! About some stones I have

I picked up a Fool's Gold today when walking home. I have no idea what are the magical characteristics of the stone (if anyone has ever used it...) but for me I felt it's sucking the negativity and frustration and brings calmness. It seems to be the type of stone that draws energy to it rather than give it itself. Grounding. Should get more of those... Maybe I could use  them in a circle.

I also bought a rose quartz. After holding it I felt so light. And calm. The burn in my chest is gone and I am actually able to sit still without moving my feet (I used to do that, even without noticing). It was as if I had lot's of energy at the bottom of my body and now it's released upwards. Those people who seemed draining my energy don't affect me anymore that much (for example my roommate is sometimes quite energetically draining), I feel more energized and vital. I guess it's due to it's healing factor to the heart, and I've had my heart hurt a lot which has in turn taken my life force.

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