Monday, 30 November 2015

Jar Magick Binding Spell

We all know every once in a while there comes time in our life that we just have to do something a bit "darker" in terms of magick and once you discover your potential you may also find cursing someone who hurt you very tempting. However this topic IS NOT about cursing. And personally I believe there's also a more constructive way of doing things (for example, seeking justice).

So there had been a person in my life by whom I was very hurt and could not get over that. I knew I'd have to face this person sooner or later so I made a binding spell because the situation was really that bad.

Since then, interesting things showed up about this person and while it all was shocking, I was also liberated. It has been quite a messy week because of that, but it was worth it.

The spell went as follows:

I drew a picture of the person to be a representative (you know how it goes with poppet magick).
And after creating the circle and the usual stuff, began rolling the paper into a form of a tube. I then used a black cord to bind the roll/tube/whateveryoumaycallit and put the whole thing into a jar. I took the jar in my hands and chanted some time and when I felt it was enough I gave the jar three pattings on the top (as if "good doggy"). I then placed the jar in the closed, underneath the shoe holder. I needed it to be placed in the most "down" place in my house, other than under the bed because I don't want that thing near me! So instead it's trapped in my closed, down there, in it's little prison.

So this could be used, if you want to end somebody's terror and power over you. Hope it's helpful. :)
And of course you may modify it to make it your own. Or use it as it is.

That's that for now,

Blessed be!

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